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Civil ceremonies, celebrant-led weddings, and other inclusive ceremony options

We are an inclusive wedding venue. We believe everyone deserves to marry the one they want to share their life with. And so you’re welcome here whatever your gender, faith background or preferences.

We’re honoured to play an integral role in helping you celebrate your union in a symbolic and meaningful way to your love. Here you will be greeted with open arms. We’re happy to host all wedding ceremonies, including civil, same-sex, humanist, quaker, and celebrant-led for religious, interfaith, non-denominational, handfasting and unity candle ceremonies.

We offer two special and unique locations for your unforgettable wedding in the countryside of North Wales. Choose an indoor ceremony in our Old Barn or an outdoor ceremony beneath the Old Railway Bridge; both offer an elegant and rustic setting to exchange your vows.

Civil Ceremonies

Civil ceremonies at Tower Hill Barns are facilitated in conjunction with the Wrexham Registrars. We are licensed all year round for civil ceremonies inside the Old Barn, and from April to September for those under the Old Railway Bridge (weather permitting).

On-site ceremonies can be booked to start from 12noon onwards. Couples typically opt for a 1 pm civil ceremony time, which gives them enough time in the morning to soak in the anticipation and plenty of time afterwards to enjoy the rest of the wedding day celebrations.

If you opt for a civil ceremony, you’ll need to ‘give notice’ and confirm your ceremony date and location with the registrars at the same time as you book the venue. A civil ceremony is a legally binding ceremony. You can find links to local registrars here.

Civil Ceremonies at Tower Hill Barns, North Wales
Wedding reception after church wedding - Tower Hill Barns

Church Weddings

Although we’re licensed for civil ceremonies (and host all types of wedding ceremonies), we’re more than happy to host you and your guests after your church wedding. This means we’ll be here ready and waiting with the welcome drinks on ice and the canapes prepped for your reception to begin when you join us after church.

Couples who wish to exchange their nuptials in church usually opt for a late-morning ceremony time. This gives as much time as possible for them and their guests to make their way here afterwards.

A church wedding will require you to liaise and organise your ceremony with your church, separately from Tower Hill Barns.

Celebrant-led Weddings

For those who want a ceremony that’s 100% tailored to you, like alternative readings, year-round outdoor ceremonies or the experience of exchanging vows at sunset, a celebrant-led wedding offers you the chance to personalise your day.

Celebrant-led weddings are held separately to the legal signing of the Register. As a result, they offer more flexibility with fewer restrictions than typical civil and religious ceremonies do. You can write your own vows, plan a twilight ceremony, mix secular and religious songs and readings, enjoy an outdoor wedding in any location (no matter the weather) and completely and wholly engage in a celebratory custom that’s unique to you.

Couples who have celebrant-led weddings typically fulfil the legal component of their marriage by signing the official register either just before or shortly after their true wedding day. And your celebrant will help you navigate this.

Celebrant-led ceremonies at Tower Hill Barns, North Wales
Inclusive wedding venue - Tower Hill Barns, North Wales

Other inclusive ceremonies

We’re also more than happy to help you plan any other non-religious wedding ceremony that’s free from many of the traditional rules surrounding weddings.

Humanist weddings, Quaker weddings and other similar non-religious ceremonies can take place in any location, at any time of day, and you have the freedom to be as creative as you want. Although of course, we hope you’ll see the appeal of our two unique dedicated ceremony areas.

Ultimately your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life. If there’s a meaningful way you’d like to celebrate your union and love, then come and chat with us. Our team of coordinators are open-minded wedding creatives and, at the heart of it, we’re all about that love.

We’ll work with you to create an unforgettable wedding day for you and your guests. Intimate or grande, we’ll help you plan a day that’s personal, unique and every bit the celebration of your dreams.

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