Tower Hill Barns

Meet The Team

A team of wedding experts who love to host

Nestled at the gateway to the captivating North Wales countryside, Tower Hill Barns is more than just a phenomenal all-season wedding venue; it’s an experience curated by our dedicated team of wedding aficionados who thrive on creating incredible moments.

Featuring an elegant blend of rustic charm, with a touch of glamour and sophistication, every detail of our venue, our grounds and our service to you is inspired by our passion for hosting truly incredible weddings. And we love every single minute of it. We’re a genuine team: attentive, detail-oriented, and overall bloody good hosts. It’s not just what we do; it’s who we are. And rest assured, we’re darn good at it. What’s more, we specialise in weddings, exclusively. So you can count on us to understand the assignment, every time.

Easily escape the hustle

Set within the idyllic rural landscapes of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, our location offers tranquillity while remaining conveniently accessible from surrounding major cities. Situated in the heart of North Wales, a stones throw from the North-West border you’ll find us a mere hour’s drive from both Manchester and Birmingham and just 45 minutes from Liverpool.

Weddings as unique as you

As you leave behind the hustle and bustle for our elegant indoor-outdoor countryside wedding barn, rest assured that you won’t find us stuffy or uptight. We offer a customisable celebration tailored to your unique love story and are grateful to be a part of it.

Incredible scenes for photos

Next-level shots of our picture-perfect ceremony areas and expansive manicured gardens and grounds brought you here. We get it. Who doesn’t covet the perfect backdrop for their wedding photos? Our unique setting boasts insta-worthy spaces and one-of-a-kind backdrops onsite. Rain, hail or shine the perfect photo opportunity is always within reach.

the Tower Hill barns wedding management team, owners Sally and Andrew with children and dog, managers Sophie and Jo, and key operational team Dominique and Jordan with dog

Thankful to be along for the ride

That said, don’t judge a book purely by its cover – even if it is particularly jaw-dropping – because it’s the people that truly make a place incredible. And we have the best people. Our attentive team of industry experts seriously love to host, and we are committed to making your wedding day as wonderful as you’ve dreamed it could be.

From the moment you view our incredible venue, right up until you leave together as newlyweds our dedicated team will be on hand to support you to achieve your vision. And, what’s more, as an eco-conscious wedding venue you’ll be able to enjoy your day safe in the knowledge that we’re working hard behind the scenes to ensure that your big day doesn’t cost the earth.

The People Who Bring Tower Hill Barns To Life.

Sally Marshall


‘The Perfectionist’ – With a discerning eye for detail and a flair for interior design. Sally doubles as our meticulous Venue Stylist, ensuring that every corner of The Barns exudes elegance and charm for a setting that is as flawless as it is unforgettable.

General manager at THB Sophie Bro hands out champagne to the newlywed couple following their gorgeous indoor wedding ceremony.
Sophie Broe

General Manager

‘The Workhorse’ – A true powerhouse known for her extraordinary work ethic and unwavering dedication, Sophie sets the standard for our team ensuring that your experience is marked by efficiency, precision and a good dose of classic THB hospitality!

Jo laughs with a prospective couple in the oak-clad dining hall at Tower Hill Barns Barns
Joanne Rowlandson

Sales & Office Manager

‘THB’s Beating Heart’ – Talented in the art of spinning many plates, Jo ensures THB runs seamlessly day-to-day. As the emotional touchstone of our team and a true romantic, you’re guaranteed to find her shedding a tear or two at every wedding we host!

Domi pours a drink into a shot glass on the bar at Tower Hill Barns.
Dominique Paradot

Weddings & Operations Manager

‘The Cocktail Guru’ – a master of mixology with an unrivalled sense of calm and composure, our weddings and operations manager Domi makes everything she puts her hand to look effortless with a unique blend of creativity and precision.

Jordan shields a bride from the drizzling rain as she walks to her outdoor ceremony at Tower Hill Barns.
Jordan Hinchliffe

Weddings & Operations Manager

‘The Cool Cucumber’ – The epitome of laid back and in control, nothing is ever too much trouble for our Jord. If you’re looking for someone who’ll deal with every detail of your wedding with a cool and confident touch, he’s your man.

Diane Broe

Accommodation Manager

‘The Homemaker’ – the embodiment of warmth and friendliness, Diane embraces every guest with hospitality and comfort. Her dedication to creating a welcoming atmosphere is the key to making your stay at THB not just an accommodation but a home away from home.

Georgi embraces a bride following her summer wedding at Tower Hill Barns.
Georgi Langford

Weddings Manager

‘The Organiser’ – Thanks to her supernatural knack for order and unabashed love for spreadsheets, Georgi transforms the intricate dance of wedding planning into a harmonious breeze for our couples. She’s your go-to gal for wedding planning.

Tower Hill Barns wedding coordinator, Rachel Lewis pours prosecco for guests arriving at the Venue's Winter Showcase.
Rachel Lewis

Wedding Coordinator

‘The True Romantic’ – Rachel, a self-professed ‘lover of love’ is renowned for going above and beyond and prides herself on building genuine, positive relationships with her couples. With Rachel at the helm you can count on an unrivalled wedding experience from start to finish.

Rachael Rounding

Sales & Wedding Coordinator

‘The Socialiser’, Rachael, is fuelled by a genuine passion for weddings and connecting with people. As a former bride, she loved THB so much that she decided to stay! See her beautiful summer wedding here.

Rich Pierce, head chef at Tower Hill Barns concentrates as he prepares a signature dish in the kitchen.
Rich Pierce

Head Chef

‘The Culinary Genius’ – Step aside, Gordon Ramsay. Our Michelin-trained head chef Rich not only loves to feed people but takes immense pride in crafting culinary creations that’ll leave your taste buds dancing. And he’s a genuine, nice guy to boot.

Front & back of house supervisor, Millie Rainey prepares a cocktail in the bar area at Tower Hill Barns countryside wedding barn.
Milli Rainey

Front & Back Of House Supervisor

‘The Trend Setter’ – A connoisseur of all things ‘fun’, Milli brings a vibrant energy to the team and has her finger firmly on the ‘current trends’ pulse. Better still, she’s always on hand to make sure your wedding breakfast runs like a well-choreographed dance.

Sous Chef Chris Wilcox concentrates as he prepares a dish for a Food Taster Event at Tower Hill Barns.
Chris Wilcock

Senior Sous Chef

‘The Kitchen Virtuoso’ – Known for his meticulous attention to detail and a flair for flavour that captivates the senses, we like to think of Chris as less of a sous-chef and more of a gastronomic artist, dedicated to crafting delights that leave a lasting impression.

Julie offers around canapés in the Oak-Clad dining hall at Tower Hill Barns.
Julie Pickett

Wedding Supervisor

‘Mrs Fix-It’ – With a lightning-fast, unparalleled knack for thinking outside the box, our in-house problem-solver Julie can be counted on to swoop in and turn unexpected twists into charming moments. She’s the hero you want around on your wedding day.

Sean Bradnack, head gardener at Tower Hill Barns stands proudly besides the Wildflower Meadow he helped bring to life. In the distance THB's outdoor ceremony area the
Sean Bradnack

Head Gardener

‘The Green-Fingered Miracle Worker – Sean, a highly qualified horticulturist with a passion for the environment, is the artisan behind our extensive gardens and grounds, transforming every corner into a vibrant tapestry of flora. He’s also the brains (& brawn) behind our Welsh Heritage Apple Orchard!

photo of Rachel Kempster pulling a pint at Tower Hill Barns
Rachel Kempster

Breakfast & Set-Up Coordinator

‘The Morning Person’ – Rachel is one of the first friendly faces on hand to calm your nerves as you arrive on the big day. As you get wedding-ready, she’ll be ironing tablecloths, laying out settings, and bringing your vision to life; setting the stage for the unforgettable celebration ahead.

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Book a venue tour

A tour of our venue either in person or virtually.

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