Sustainable Weddings: 8 Recommended Wedding Suppliers With A Focus On Sustainability

Sustainable Weddings: 8 Recommended Wedding Suppliers With A Focus On Sustainability

Sustainable Weddings: 8 Recommended Wedding Suppliers With A Focus On Sustainability 2000 1333 Sally

These local-to-us, and tried and tested wedding suppliers put sustainability at the forefront and we are here for it.

In the modern world, it’s impossible to ignore the negative impact a single wedding can have on our planet. Luckily, It’s easier than ever to plan a wedding that prioritises style and sustainability. Thanks to an amazing number of wedding suppliers taking a stand, making changes and revolutionising the way they do things in order to put our planet first. Including us, as your sustainable wedding venue.

Even better, incorporating eco-friendly choices into your wedding planning no longer means breaking the bank. Quite the opposite. Many sustainable alternatives can actually save you money. And we don’t know about you but in the current climate that is music to our ears!

“Sounds great! But I don’t want to compromise on style on my wedding day”, I hear you cry. You don’t have to. Read on to discover our favourite sustainable wedding suppliers you could consider to make your luxury, on-trend wedding more eco-friendly while possibly saving a few £££’s too!

An aerial shot of a bride being escorted to her outdoor ceremony at Tower Hill Barns by her father. In the bavkground views over the extensive grounds of the sustainable wedding venue.

Credit: Capture My Big Day

(1) Say Yes To A Preloved Dress

Every bride dreams of choosing their perfect wedding dress and taking their fiance’s breath away as they swoosh down the aisle. But when picturing your wedding, you probably didn’t give much consideration to the what’s, why’s or the how’s.

Environmental implications aren’t exactly the first thing that pops to mind when we think of wedding dress shopping. However, when you think about it, a wedding dress is (often) used only once and with any single-use item, the environmental cost can be pretty high.

Opting for a pre-loved wedding dress is far more eco-friendly than buying new.

And as an added bonus your ‘something old’ will be taken care of. It’s the perfect way to say yes to a beautiful dress and make a more ethical choice. Plus you could save a small fortune in the process – let’s face it, wedding dresses ain’t cheap!

Nowadays you don’t even have to compromise on the ‘experience’ of choosing your wedding dress. There are entire wedding boutiques such as Bridal Reloved in Shrewsbury dedicated to the buying & reselling of beautiful preloved wedding dresses. They offer the same service and experience as a traditional bridal boutique so it’s easier and more enjoyable than ever to find the perfect preloved wedding dress!

If a preloved dress isn’t for you, that’s ok! You can still make a difference by being considerate in what you do with your dress after the big day. Once the dust has settled and you’re ready to gain a little space in your wardrobe. Consider selling or donating your dress so that it can bring joy to another bride on their wedding day (and buy yourself something nice with the proceeds!)

Credit: Marie Lloyd Photography

(2) Choose your florist with sustainability in mind.

Flowers are a huge part of most weddings but as we highlighted in our ‘5 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Sustainable’ blog – many of the blooms used are mass-produced and grown out of season. This requires the use of chemical aids, which can have a catastrophic effect on biodiversity. And then there are also the travel miles racked up to import blooms from abroad.

If you’re desperate for a particular bloom there may be no other choice. But if not, out-of-season blooms can prove needlessly costly, to both your bank balance and the environment. Thankfully a number of forward-thinking florists are popping up all over the UK with a strong focus on making their industry more sustainable. So it’s easier than ever to achieve beautiful floral displays without costing the earth.

One of the best ways to minimise the environmental impact of your wedding blooms is to choose a florist who uses only locally grown, in-season blooms in their arrangements. Better still, choosing a florist who grows their own blooms will eliminate travel miles entirely.

Two of our favourite local sustainable florists are SOIL AND FLEURS (based in Shropshire). And Firth Flock Flowers (based in Ruthin). Both are revolutionising traditional floristry by growing the blooms they use in their arrangements on their own farms. Organically and in harmony with nature (You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more perfect embodiment of the term ‘locally grown’).

We also love Ivy, Pip & Rose (Gwynedd) and Emma Jane Floral Design (Welshpool). Both florists have a strong environmental conscience and use in-season, locally-grown blooms to create their stunning floral arrangements where possible.

Tip: Planning a sustainable wedding? Say NO to foam.

When planning a sustainable wedding, remember to ask your florist whether they use floral foam in their arrangements. For example, Emma Jane Floral Design uses alternatives in her arrangements that don’t contain microplastics. Endeavouring to keep her business free from floral foam and single-use plastic which certainly falls in line with the Sustainable Floristry Networks mission to make the industry ‘carbon-neutral, non-toxic and waste-free.

Beautiful eco friendly floral hoops made using in season, British grown flowers for a more sustainable wedding. In the background bridesmaids wearing light gold, floor length gowns sit on a rustic bench in the outdoor ceremony area at Tower Hill Barns.

Credit: Claire Penn Photography; Ivy, Pip and Rose

(3) Opt for a beautiful ring, without the environmental impact

We admit this is only partially wedding planning related since the engagement ring comes before the planning, usually. But if you’re getting impatient and planning ahead. While your better half lovingly saves the deposit of a small house (or perhaps a flat at the current rate of inflation) to bedazzle your left-hand – this one’s for you!

Diamond Mining: An Ethical Conundrum

Traditionally engagement rings are adorned with diamonds. Unfortunately, diamond mining and importation can have a considerable negative environmental impact. (Not to mention a huge ethical impact).

Luckily, as we evolve the landscape is changing. There are now more opportunities than ever to snag a beautiful ring without compromising sustainability or ethics in the process. From lab-grown diamonds and recycled precious metals to repurposed vintage jewellery. There are plenty of options to make a more eco-friendly choice when choosing your wedding jewellery (and possibly save a small fortune).

Lab-created diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds. Without ANY of the negative environmental (or ethical) impact. Unsurprisingly lab-grown diamonds are growing in popularity by the day. And therefore so are the number of jewellers specialising in this area. We’ve done a little online shopping on your behalf and some of our favourite jewellers that use lab-grown diamonds are:

Clogau – Specialising in jewellery made from (or incorporating) rare Welsh gold, this popular Welsh jewellery brand is a long-time favourite of ours. The brand has a strong conscience using only ethically mined gold and conflict-free diamonds to produce their pieces. They’ve also recently begun incorporating lab-grown diamonds into their beautiful jewellery range.

Lark and Berry‘s pieces are created using conflict-free diamonds – or lab-grown diamonds. Lark and Berry also plant trees for every purchase to offset the carbon emissions produced during the shipping process.

Brilliant Earth uses lab-grown diamonds and guarantees the traceability of their diamond’s origin and ownership. They also strive to use 100% recycled precious metals to minimise their footprint and help diminish the negative impacts of metal mining.

But a quick Google search will show you that the possibilities are endless.

Newlywed couple hold hands over the bride's bouquet. Features Lab grown diamond ring

Credit: James Merrick Photography

There you have it, a selection of our favourite eco-friendly wedding suppliers that could help you reduce the environmental impact of your wedding without any additional hardship!

We hope you agree that the conversation surrounding reducing the impact of the wedding industry on the environment is an important one. As consumers, we have the real power and making decisions with sustainability in mind during your wedding planning is a great place to start.

Rest assured, if you’ve booked your wedding here at ours you’re already halfway there! For further information about how we are working towards becoming a #SustainableWeddingVenue click here.

A couple walk down the path towards Tower Hill Barns. As sustainable wedding venue in the North Wales countryside. Surrounding the couple is views across the manicured gardens nd grounds at Tower Hill Barns.

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