Get The Wedding Photos You’ll Love Forever

Get The Wedding Photos You’ll Love Forever

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Let’s get snap happy: here’s how to capture the magic moments from your special day to get wedding photos you’ll love forever!


If the idea of smiling on demand into a camera and being told a thousand times to say “cheese” has you filled with dread, we don’t blame you. 

For many couples the thought of posing for wedding photos can be a little daunting. And with so much emotion mixed up in your wedding day, it can be a worry that a cringe-worthy photo session could stop you from enjoying every single moment of it. 

So how do you ensure a happy photo session on the day and good photos that you’ll be happy to look at in years to come as well? And how do you find a photographer that will fit into your groove, and work independently and seamlessly to capture your day in the most beautiful way? 

Firstly, why not have your wedding photos taken with a glass of bubbles in hand? Being chill is key!  

Secondly, it’s time to embrace the camera. Because the end result will give you all the feels! 

Whether you’re the type to make an entrance down the staircase after being announced (ahem you go #selfiequeen), or you’d rather slip in quietly through the side doors, this guide is for you. We’ve gone ahead and done the groundwork for you, sharing our top tips and some great first-hand advice from a selection of our fave wedding photographers, to help you get those lush photos you’ll treasure forever.

Spoiler alert: your wedding photos are SO not the time to compromise on your wants, dreams, and feelings.


Move On From The Long-Drawn Out Traditional Wedding Photo Session 

We all want lovely wedding photos, but some photo sessions can be overly lengthy and arduous, filling you with worry about keeping your guests waiting for hours. Planning is the key, and knowing what sort of photos you’re not interested in can definitely help.

There’s no doubt you’ll want a great mix of locations and settings, with a good selection of couples portraits and group shots (which can be a full on production in itself), but it’s our belief that with some planning and the right photographer, you can and should feel relaxed doing it all, knowing you can take the time you need.

The most important thing is that you enjoy the experience. If that means you say yes to the dress shot but no to the overly styled, awkward ‘family seated all-in-row being told to smile’ photo, then so be it. It’s your wedding, and you’ll smile when you want to.


Your Wedding Photo Session Is A Chance To Have Some Alone Time 

If you’re not so sure about being papped all day, then why not see it as an opportunity to have some alone time together during such a busy day!

One of the best parts of sneaking away for the ‘portraits’, says Willo Photography, is that it’s often the first time on your wedding day that you’ll have a moment for just the two of you.


Think About The Kind Of Wedding Photo You Will Want To Look At In Forty Years Time  

Whilst it’s important to enjoy your wedding photo session, and to say no to the long drawn out experience (if you want to), it’s equally important not to rush the process. This relates to the planning of the type of photos you’d like to have, and also to selecting your photographer. 

Firstly, think about the kind of photos you want. You’ll probably have a list that includes a few romantic and timeless photos, a selection of intimate ones that might be more for your eyes only, and there’ll be the ones you’ll proudly hang in the entryway or foyer of your house for everyone to enjoy. 

Carla Blain Photography says little intimate touches are the best – a husband grazing his wife’s hand, or a stolen glance. Those small gestures of love before anyone else has even noticed make perfect photos.  

So in planning them, be mindful of how you would want to look at them, and share them, in years to come. Understanding this will help you to embrace the photography session on the day.


Choose A Wedding Photographer That Shares Your Vision 

If we can give you one piece of advice, it’s to go with a photographer that shares your vision. This will make a huge difference to how comfortable you feel on the day, whether you enjoy the experience, and also to the final photos. To help you make this decision, it’s worth reviewing the galleries of your shortlisted photographers to see if their style of photography fits with what you have in mind. You’ll find that some photographers work better with dark and moody styles, whilst others prefer light and airy shots or fun and flirty shots.

For example, Joe Bickerton Photography says is favourite style of wedding photography is documentary; also known as reportage style. He captures sharp, vibrant images featuring real memories and natural emotions.


Choose A Photographer That’s Familiar With Your Venue 

It can be a real benefit if the photographers on your shortlist are familiar with your wedding venue. At Tower Hill Barns, we have a selection of photographers that we work with often, and we’re always happy to recommend them to our couples.

Or if your photographer is new to our venue, then we’re always happy to extend a warm family welcome and help them in any way possible. Perhaps you and your photographer would like to join us on an open day, or arrange a private viewing of the buildings and surrounds before your big day so that you can explore the setting.

Choosing a photographer that is familiar with your wedding venue means they’ll know the building layout, the best photo spots, and be familiar with the lighting (both indoors and outdoors). You’ll find that having a photographer who understands these things can make all the difference between being happy with your final wedding photos, and absolutely loving them.

Jessica O’shaughnessy says hazy summer evenings with a golden glow are the best kind of evenings. So it’s well worth popping back out for some more photos after your wedding breakfast as you get a totally different light if the sun’s on your side.


Get To Know Your Photographer Before Your Wedding Day 

If you’re still not sure about your wedding photos, or not sure about how to make the most of the experience, then we’d recommend you get to know your photographer before the big day.

Leri Lane Photography says a great way to do this is by having an engagement shoot or a “pre-wedding” shoot before your big day.

Often she’ll meet you for coffee and cake, chat about your wedding day plans, and pop you in front of the camera so that the two of you can become familiar with the lens. By getting to know you as a couple before the wedding, she’s able to create truly unique images that capture every little detail you have worked so hard to plan.


Relax and Get Your Smooch On 

Finally, it might sound cliche, but honestly, just be in the moment and forget that the camera is there. Which as you get swept up in the moment of being newlyweds, is not that hard to do!

Clara Cooper Photo says it’s best to just chat with your partner and forget that the camera is there. If you’re silly, act silly. If you’re more romantic, have yourselves a cuddle and kiss. An Eskimo kiss never fails to look adorable. Or if you are more into edgy/cool shots, then get your smoulder on.

Do it whilst chatting to your partner and before you know it, the photographer will have caught lots of gorgeous shots of you without you both even realising!



Whether it’s chilled out and natural, or completely extra, it’s important that it’s your day – and this goes for your wedding photos too. You don’t need to be loud and daring to jump in front of the camera, you just need to find a photographer that gets what you’re looking for and how you want to feel. If you’re relaxed and open to the opportunity, then your photographer will make it happen, all the while allowing you to enjoy every moment of your most special day to the fullest.

**With thanks to Jess Yarwood for use of the leading photo – a stunning shot of Nick & Katherine.

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