Turning wedding superstitions into Lady Luck

Turning wedding superstitions into Lady Luck

Turning wedding superstitions into Lady Luck 2500 1667 Sally

Superstitions be gone, your wedding day is your lucky day!

Would you get married on Friday the 13th? Even the most casual and chilled couples think twice about the ‘unluckiest day in the calendar’!

Have you ever caught a bride’s tossed bouquet and wondered if you’d really be the next to walk down the aisle? Or wondered why your wedding day might be the only day of your life that you’ll wear a veil that covers your face? Perhaps you really want a romantic evening together the night before your wedding day, but you’ve heard it your whole life – it’s bad luck to do so!

Some wedding day customs that stem from bygone eras seem silly, some romantic, and some perhaps a tad crazy! But are they, really?

Many of us just get on with it without questioning them, but with wedding season about to kick off in full swing, we thought we’d take a look at some of the more common weird and wonderful wedding superstitions, to help you decide if you can push your luck and throw caution to the wind. 


The Spookiest Day In The Wedding Calendar

It’s not surprising that many couples will steer clear of a Friday 13th wedding date. But is there really any basis for the superstition? With Friday 13th having long been associated with things going wrong, could it be a bad omen to say ‘I Do’ on this altogether spooky day?

Well we asked and you answered – many saying that if something was going to go wrong on the day, then a ‘spooky’ date had no influence on it. Although just to be on the safe side, even if you didn’t suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia (the fear of Friday 13th) many of you still said you’d try to avoid it if you could.

Good, bad, or indifferent, if you’re brave enough to disregard the superstition and set a date for Friday 13th (the most you can have is three per year), you’re likely in for a real treat. We’re often happy to extend a special offer to couples looking to tie the knot on this not-so-sought-after day – and really, taking advantage of special offers can only be a good thing for the bottom line!

We’re excited to offer an attractive package on two Friday 13th dates in 2019. We welcome you to contact us if you’re interested in either a September or December wedding!

You’ll also find that a Friday 13th wedding date means it’ll be super easy to remember (for your guests and in future years), meaning hubby has even less excuse to forget your anniversary. And if you’re game to have a laugh with it, then this superstition is the perfect ready-made wedding theme. Think open umbrellas, black cats, entering and exiting through the same door, and ladders for your wedding ceremony arch.  

Rain On Your Wedding Day

Good news for brides everywhere, rain on your wedding day has officially been declared a lucky charm! In some cultures, rain on your wedding day is said to symbolise fertility and cleanliness. With this good omen, you can stop frantically checking the weather report and spend more time on the important things (like finding a good waterproof mascara). Just don’t forget the brolly when it comes time for your portrait photos!

Although if you are hoping for an outdoors wedding, but the thought of jumping through muddy puddles in your ivory dress doesn’t exactly fill you with joy, then you’ll be pleased to know our historic sandstone railway bridge has a little alcove that’ll keep you both dry and protected as you share your wedding vows.  

Dropping The Rings Will Bring An Early Demise

Legend has it that if you drop the rings during your wedding ceremony, then the person responsible will be the one to die first. Hmm, I wonder what legends say about not being able to get the ring on?!

Throwing Shoes At The Bride and Groom

A superstition from Tudor times, it’s thought that throwing shoes at the happy couple will bring them good luck. Thankfully these days we just tie shoes (or tin cans, or bells) to the wedding car. Although let’s hope the larrikin best man doesn’t also tie your gorgeous wedding Louboutins or there’ll be trouble. 

Peonies Will Bring Shame On You?!

Say it isn’t so – apparently, everyone’s favourite flowers (if Pinterest and Instagram are anything to go by) are the bearers of bad luck and bring shame upon you. But if you ask us, they’re gorgeous and fluffy and beautiful and expensive as anything. So really, the only shameful thing is the price tag! We’re so not on board with this wedding superstition, but if you’re looking to heed the ideas of the past, then opt for garden roses for a similar and less expensive alternative.

Newlywed couple caught in the rain at Tower Hill Barns beneath a clear umbrella, photography by Claire PennYou Can’t See Each Other Before The Wedding

This common tradition originates from times when arranged marriages were in vogue, making it harder for the groom to back out at the last minute should he decide his bride wasn’t to his liking. A little crass and old-fashioned? Yes, thank you, next! 

This tradition (and now a superstition that suggests bad luck) is not as common these days, especially with “first look” portrait sessions becoming a popular choice for couples.

However, whether you’re the superstitious type and hiding away from each other, or hoping to have an intimate first look portrait session just before you tie the knot, at Tower Hill Barns we’re proud to offer you flexible spaces (like his and hers bridal prep rooms with separate entrances)stunning backdrops for your photos (like our landscaped gardens and wildflower meadow) and even a gorgeous farm cottage for you and your family to stay in the night before should you want to. 

Half Veil or Full Veil or No Veil At All?

Found yourself half naked in the changing room of the bridal boutique waiting to try on your dream dress when suddenly you’re hit with the mother of all questions – to veil or not to veil? Yep, you’re not alone. Cathedral, chapel, waltz, mantilla; who knew there were so many different types!

You might not have given much thought to it, but did you know the tradition of wearing a veil stems back to the Roman days? Hiding away from evil spirits who were jealous of their good fortune and happiness, brides would disguise their faces beneath a veil to conceal their identity.

These days you need not be so wary. Wear it traditional, covered in glitter, pearls or feathers, golden edged, or a simple half style pinned into your hair, a bridal veil does give you all the ‘feels’ (and you don’t need to be having a church wedding either).


For better or worse, many of these traditions have been brewing for hundreds of years, and not surprisingly, they’re all about giving the couple the best possible start to their marriage. 

So if you’re one to believe in a little Lady Luck, perhaps it’s best to heed these legends so as not to leave it all to chance.

*With thanks to Claire Penn Photography for use of this stunning photo. Bex and George were married here underneath our old Railway Bridge in the summer of 2017.


Tower Hill Barns

Future Friday 13th Dates Available

If you’re looking for a last-minute wedding date and you’re game to brave the spooky Friday 13th superstition, then let’s get to it because we are all for it. Please get in touch to arrange a viewing and Jo and the rest of the team will be happy to speak with you about your who-dares-wins wedding!

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