Coronavirus: Advice For Couples Planning A Wedding

Coronavirus: Advice For Couples Planning A Wedding

Coronavirus: Advice For Couples Planning A Wedding 2000 1333 Sally

Right now, in this season of uncertainty.

Planning a Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic? Here’s The Questions, and Answers, You Need To Know

Get the answers you need to avoid additional stress. FAQs we’re receiving during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough—and now the global spread of coronavirus has placed a whole new level of anxiety and uncertainty on couples-to-be. Especially with the Government and local authority restrictions affecting weddings until the end of June.

If you’re an engaged couple feeling overwhelmed by the unprecedented situation, we are here to help. Right now, you naturally have plenty of questions running through your mind—How do I postpone my wedding [and do I even need to]? If I’m forced to cancel, will I get refunded? Are my suppliers willing and able to reschedule? What do I tell my guests?—and while this is unchartered territory for everyone (including us!), we’ve taken the time to note some commonly asked questions to help you navigate these unfamiliar waters during this new season of ‘wedding planning from the comfort of your sofa’.

Plus, in part 2, we spoke to some of our regular wedding suppliers to get their take on the ‘need to know’ details as you look to set your extra bits in place too. But at the end of the day, remember we’re in this together, and it’s everyone’s goal to see you celebrate your love safely and as close to your original version as possible.

Tom and Natalie photographed by Richard Miller in the outdoor bar at Tower Hill Barns in North Wales

photo credit: Richard Miller Photography

Here’s everything you need to know, from the Tower Hill Barns team.

In Section 1, you’ll find FAQs most relevant if you’ve already booked your wedding with us. In Section 2, you’ll find FAQs most relevant if you’re planning to book your wedding with us in the coming months and seasons. Plus, you’ll find our top tips for couples during this covid-19 period.

Section 1–FAQs if you’ve booked your wedding already:

What dates are available for us if we need to re-schedule?
We will work with couples on a case by case basis to find a mutually workable alternative.

When can we move our wedding?
We are guided by government & local authority restrictions and have currently had to postpone all weddings up until the end of June. We are constantly reviewing the situation and if it becomes clear that the situation is likely to be extended, we will contact affected couples immediately. Our team is still on hand to discuss any concerns in the meantime.

What costs will we incur if we move our wedding?
If couples are able to work with us on dates we are able to offer, then we will be able to move your wedding at no additional cost and will honour everything agreed previously.

Recently booked couples – should we carry on booking suppliers?
In our experience most suppliers are extremely glad to take bookings at present and will be offering the option to move dates free of charge should the need arise. If money is tight, it is worth discussing whether they are open to the possibility of you paying a smaller deposit initially (so that you can secure the date). It’s a really difficult one, because if things do actually carry on, then you don’t want to have a last-minute scramble to get things booked. I recommend having an open conversation with your favoured suppliers and see what they say and confirm everything agreed in writing.

Financial worries
We appreciate this is a difficult time for lots of couples at present, with many off-work and having to live off savings. If you feel you are struggling and are concerned about the impact this will have on your wedding finances, please do speak to us as there are things we can look at for you which may save you having to postpone your wedding and wait even longer for it to happen. We are here to help.

What if the government lifts restrictions on weddings, but the registrars still impose a limit to the number of guests allowed for the ceremony?
We can happily accommodate a smaller ceremony here at Tower Hill Barns for you, whilst we keep the rest of your guests entertained. Why not organise a video link so that we can stream the ceremony live to them on our 60’’ TV screen? Alternatively, some couples might want to consider having a ceremony conducted by a celebrant, as they can sometimes be less restrictive. Whilst this option means you’d still need to complete the legal requirements of your marriage, there is potential for this to be performed on the day (separate from your guests) or just before or just after your celebration. We would be happy to discuss this option further with you and provide you with contact details for celebrants we recommend.

Tom and Natalie photographed by Richard Miller in the rain at Tower Hill Barns in North Wales

photo credit: Richard Miller Photography

If we reschedule our wedding to a new season, what are our options in terms of ceremony and reception locations on-site to combat the respective weather? And is there anything else we should think about?
We are an all-season venue, and [although we’re biased] we truly believe Tower Hill Barns is stunning in every season. Which means, whether it’s late summer, autumn, or in the magical chill of winter, your wedding will be gorgeous! We have the benefit of two ceremony areas, the indoor setting of our Old Barn which is available all year round, and outside under the Old Railway Bridge. Whilst we are licensed for outdoor weddings from April to September, if your heart is set on an outdoor ceremony, there are options you can explore to make this happen. Such as a celebrant. We also have a stunning outdoor bar, with a fire pit that’s cosy warm and really sets a romantic scene for you to enjoy.

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And if you do find yourself rescheduling to a new season:

If you’re rescheduling your wedding date, and in doing so, adapting to a new season, you should ask your venue [and maybe even your suppliers too] the following questions:

How will the shorter days impact our wedding timeline?
Your wedding manager will be able to suggest a suitable running order to make sure you maximise your day and include all the elements which are important to you so that everything runs smoothly.

How will the shorter days, or changing season, impact our photography options? Will we have to supplement lighting? Or shoot indoors? Will we have enough time to get all of the photos we want?
It’s best to speak to your wedding photographer as they have loads of experience and will be able to advise accordingly. However, rest assured, we can be as flexible as possible on the day and can work with your photographer if things need to change a little due to the weather on the day.

Tom and Natalie sitting by the fire pit in the outdoor bar at Tower Hill Barns in North Wales photographed by Richard Miller Photography

photo credit: Richard Miller Photography

How will the different seasons impact the use of the overall venue and space?
The venue is exclusively yours for your wedding day, so all areas are accessible and usable. Your Wedding Manager will be able to help with lots of suggestions regarding the best use of the space for you, depending on the ideas you have.

How will seasonality impact our wedding menu? And will the chefs work with us to help us choose new food choices?
We’re really passionate about food here at Tower Hill Barns. We know your ceremony is key. But for us, so too is the art of hospitality. And much of it comes down to food and drink. Which we know is important to you too. So you can rest assured that our highly experienced chefs will happily work with you to create the perfect menu to your preference. And will do everything they can to help you align it with whichever season you marry in.

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Section 2–FAQs if you’ve not yet booked your wedding date:

When can we view?
Unfortunately, due to current restrictions, we are unable to offer personal show rounds at present [sadly!]. However, there is lots of information on our website including a wealth of photos and videos in our online galleries. And we have plenty more saved that we can send over to you if required so that you can get a feel for the venue.

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We are also available by email to answer any of your questions. And we’re happy to give you a call at any time to chat about your wedding plans and what we can offer. Plus, connect with us on social media, @towerhillbarns for all the wedding inspo.

wedding breakfast setup at Tower Hill Barns with neon 'happily ever after' sign

photo credit: Richard Miller Photography

Can you provide facetime / video tours?
Yes! We are excited to give you the option to arrange a private virtual tour. Most of our team are currently off-site working from home. But we are happy to schedule a time with you to show you around Tower Hill Barns via live video tours. This means we’ll be on-site, and will be able to take you through a ‘walk through’ and answer any questions you have in real-time. Click here to arrange a virtual tour.

Do you have any availability left for next year (2021)?
Although we are having to reschedule some of the current years’ weddings into next year, we do still have some good availability for 2021 and would be happy to look at potential dates for you so please do get in touch.

Can we reserve a date until we are able to view?
At the moment it’s not possible to reserve a date until you’re able to view the venue. However, this doesn’t have to be in person! We would love to arrange a private virtual tour for you. And although we are mostly working from home, we’re still very much business as usual. So we are very happy to keep an open dialogue with you via phone and email, to help you put your wedding plans into motion. We can put together prices and quotes, discuss food and drink options and get the outline for your day agreed, all from the comfort of your sofa which means you will be ready to book once you can come to see us in person.

night shot of Tower Hill Barns aglow with string lighting photographed by Richard Miller Photography

photo credit: Richard Miller Photography

So there you go. We hope you’ve found this information helpful. And ultimately, we hope it will go a little way to put your mind at ease [somewhat]. Although we do understand, you’re no doubt awry with worry and emotion during this period of uncertainty.

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It’s only natural to feel this given all you’ve planned and hoped for. And to be honest, we’re right there with you! This season of change has hit us all hard. If you need us, we’re here for a chat. A laugh. A cry. And hopefully one day soon, a hug too.

Until then, here’s our key advice for couples going through this covid-19 period: remember that the most important thing at present is for you and your guests to stay safe and well. We will do everything humanly possible to ensure that as soon as possible, your wedding does go ahead. And that you have the most amazing day when it does.

One thing we know for certain, everyone will be looking forward to one hell of a party when this is all over!

p.s. click here to read Part 2: covid-19 + your suppliers 

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