Why You Should Choose An Indoor Ceremony For Your Wedding

Why You Should Choose An Indoor Ceremony For Your Wedding

Why You Should Choose An Indoor Ceremony For Your Wedding 3600 2400 Sally

An Indoor Ceremony Is Not Just For Traditional Couples!

Choosing a venue for your wedding is perhaps not quite as simple as it was in years gone by. Traditionally, it was generally a straight-forward choice of your church or theirs. And so, it was always indoors!

These days we’re spoilt for choice. There are all kinds of locations and licensed venues giving you the option of having a civil ceremony or even a humanist ceremony. Which, for the deliberators and the undecided, can make it challenging to make a decision.

And the other big decision for us to consider these days is whether to have an indoor or an outdoor ceremony? 

You might think an indoor wedding ceremony is better suited to those big on tradition or who want a more formal setting. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and certainly not here with us. We’re big on laid-back luxury, and relaxed vibes, and even the registrars have been known to break into spontaneous laughter mid-ceremony!  

To help you make the choice – likely the first of many big decisions you’ll make as you plan your wedding – we’ve shared some of the pros for an indoor ceremony.

Let us start firstly by saying, our indoor ceremony setting is simply gorgeous. With old stone walls, oak-framed beams, and rustic candlelit charm, it’s not hard to fall in love with the idea of a romantic indoor wedding ceremony. Of course, once you see it, well, the twinkle in your eye will become a convincing beat of the heart.

Ellie and Dan were married in March here at Tower Hill Barns on a beautiful spring day photography by Joe Bickerton

photo credit: Photography by Joe Bickerton

The Pros of An Indoor Wedding Ceremony

  1. No Weather Worries: with an indoor ceremony, you can say goodbye to weather worries. Forget about checking the long-range weather forecast daily, because those unpredictable April showers won’t affect your big day!
  2. Décor design: unlike an outdoor setting where you might find it challenging to control a harsh 2pm light, or unable to remove an unruly tree that blocks the otherwise uninterrupted view of the mountains, an indoor ceremony space gives you the potential for endless décor opportunities (as long as you style within the venue guidelines). Even better, having the ability to plan and control these elements will appease the Type A brides (and grooms) out there.
  3. The seating is already sorted: you’ll find the space for an indoor ceremony is usually designed to accommodate maximum numbers in the most natural way. The chairs and seating will be laid out to fill the space, and assigning guest seating will be a breeze. 
  4. It’s more intimate: regardless of whether you’ve got 50 day guests or 150, with your guests confined to the one indoor room, your ceremony will feel cosy and intimate. Plus, you won’t need to worry about outside noises interrupting you as you exchange your vows.
Hope and Graham married in March 2018 under a blanket of snow

photo credit: Sally Joanne Photography

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re big fans of an Indoor Ceremony. It’s classic, and elegant. You can control the light and the ambience, and an indoor ceremony means a greater focus on the décor.

Whether you opt for a romantic winter wedding, or a floral springtime ‘I Do’, an indoor ceremony gives you the chance to have an intimate experience that’s shared with your most important and special guests.


If you’re a recently engaged couple, and you’re looking for the perfect spring wedding venue to hold your ceremony and reception – it would be our absolute pleasure to assist you in creating your dream wedding. Contact Tower Hill Barns today on 01978 823429 or via email at bookings@towerhillbarns.co.uk. 

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